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Colorado Springs IT Support for Residences and Small Businesses

Real IT & Support has the right service for your home or office.

Real IT & Support is Colorado’s best option for residential and commercial IT needs. We provide a range of services from installation, maintenance, virus removal, data transfer, networking, and even hardware sales. What makes us different is our customer-focused approach to IT and extensive expertise.

We know that keeping up with today’s technology can be daunting, and with the amount of technology being used every day at home and at the office, many people feel overwhelmed by troubleshooting hardware and software issues. When you work with the pros at Real IT & Support, you will learn about your technology systems and have the issues explained to you face-to-face by a friendly IT expert.

Residents and offices across Colorado return to Real IT & Support for all of their computer and networking needs because they’ve experience our outstanding customer service and quality firsthand. Find out how painless IT can be when you get to work with a live human being.

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Is your computer running slow? Do you have problems running things on the internet? Are you getting pop-ups? Do you think you may have a virus? Does your computer crash or fail to start up? Do you see error messages on your screen? Do you need an upgrade to your current computer? Do you want to be able to stream movies to your HDTV? Do you need to have a new computer, printer or other device installed? Do you have questions about what you have, or need to have, to make all of your technology work?

We do all that. And we’re great at listening to and resolving whatever problems you may have.


Do you need your network looked at? Do you need it restructured? Do you need updated systems? Do you need more systems? Do you need help in understanding the systems that you have? Need an upgrade? Need to install a new computer? Router? Printer? Network? Do you need to transfer old data from one computer to another?

Real IT & Support specializes in commercial IT services for small and medium-sized businesses. Our expertise keeps your office productive and profitable.


Do you want to know how to use your computer better? Do you want to learn how to use the internet? Word? Excel? Powerpoint? Or any other software program? Do you want to learn how to burn a disk? Move pictures from your camera or phone, to your computer? And then share them? Install a program? Install an operating system? Learn how to use Facebook? Learn about that new smartphone the kids got you? Learn about that new computer you just got? Switched between Mac and PC?  Have other questions that you just want answered?

This is what we specialize in. Take advantage of our knowledge.

This is Michael.

- He knows IT.

- He comes to you.

- He recommends only what you need.

- He's a nice guy.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Since my first experience with Mr. Van Metre, I have been extremely pleased with his service.  He takes the time that is needed.  He is very professional.  If I had any computer question, he is there to answer.  Probably the most important item is that I trust him.  I would highly recommend his computer services to anyone.”

Teresa Churchman

“Michael is very professional, knowledgeable and responded right when I needed help.”

Carmen Berkowitz

“Michael has worked with us on several issues including setting up new computers and installing new operating systems.  He was very patient and informative.  He made good suggestions about possible changes to the network.  The quality of work he performed was very good.  He took the time to explain the changes.  His support after the work is completed is also good.”

Jim ThiessenAncona Job Shop

“Michael tuned up my computer so well! It is working as good as new!  He is pleasant to work with, helpful, and informative.  I’m glad to have found Real IT & Support!”

Linda Britton

“Real IT was prompt and courteous; they were thorough in explaining the issues, causes and options; they worked diligently to complete repairs on a timely basis to keep our down time to a minimum; and, most importantly, they showed up on time!”

Felix A. YingPresident, Timberwolf Pet Products

“Since my first experience with Mr. Van Metre, I have been extremely pleased with his service … He is very professional.  If I had any computer question, he is there to answer.  Probably the most important thing is that I trust him.  I would highly recommend his computer services to anyone.”

Theresa Churchman

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have Michael and his team with Real I T in my corner.  Recently I had a very difficult malware issue with my laptop.  Michael was out of state at that time, and I had an immediate deadline looming.  Michael said no problem, and remoted in to my system from Florida and repaired all of my issues … It is so reassuring to have local expertise no matter where in the country I might be at the time.  Thank you, Real IT, for once again keeping me up and running at the 11th hour!”

David RanalsDLR Consulting Services, San Diego, CA

“You were great in taking the time needed to help explain to us the changes from Windows Vista to Windows 7, and how to operate the program.  We were happy with how quickly you responded to our calls, and to the problems we were experiencing … We would highly recommend you to our friends, neighbors and family.  THANK YOU FOR A GREAT JOB!”

Robert Gebhart